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Today, you would find a lot of government civic offices that have more than one location and a lot of government employees have to work from different locations and they also have different job shifts. Many a time, a lot of events, conferences or election duties also occurred in the cities and they have to report or fill in the attendance from different geographic locations, so GPS Attendance Tracking system is what you need. This high-end module enables officers and other high-authority people to keep track of employee attendance and location related activity both onsite and from remote job sites.

Cloud and Security

Here, we comprehend the need of privacy, sensitivity and security when it comes your business and employees’ records. Our GPS Attendance Tracking module is completely safe and secure using cloud-based storage system. Other advantages of a GPS Attendance Tracking Application are:

Avoid Duplication:

We tend to make use of manual attendance system that is quite daunting and troublesome since there is huge duplication of the data, which one needs to manage otherwise it results in wasting of time.

Low Price:

The cost of developing this module is extremely affordable as it is less than swiping card systems and biometric systems. Our developed technology mainly built to benefit you in many ways.

Easy implementation:

It is extremely simple yet effective module to implement. The GPS Attendance Tracking mobile application is a right choice to opt for that works with iPhone and Android smartphones.

Why your Business Needs the
GPS Attendance Tracking System?

  •    The GPS Attendance Tracking System allows businesses to manage and track the worked hours at base & remote locations or job sites.
  •    The solution is a highly reliable, cost effective and easy-to-use that eliminates errors & deceptions and need of paperwork.
  •    It is one of the best solutions than swipe cards, biometrics or other attendance tracking systems.
  •    The GPS Attendance Tracking System promotes efficiency.

The Administration Component

The administration component is a fully cloud-based. We, at mobileattendance.com.sg, make use of industry standard SSL Encryption and our system is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services). The major features of administration component of the GPS Attendance Tracking system include:

Cloud-Based Backend System

BAs our backend system is cloud-based, there is no software or hardware to maintain. Officers and managers can easily access to the attendance data anywhere when they get access to the Internet.

GPS Driving Route

In any case, if the event is specific to particular days or period of time, admin is able to define the start and end of the event, therefore, he can configure different time zones and work shifts.

Advanced Reporting

Admin can have the access to enormous online reports in order to track and calculate attendance. Moreover, reports can also be exported to varied formats, enabling easy integration with Payroll systems.

Additional API’s Features

Integrates with your current employee attendance-based information like payroll and leave time as we deliver private access to API’s as additional features.

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