Time Tracking

Easily track employee time from multiple devices.

Time Clock Wizard has spent thousands of hours developing the easiest and most accurate online employee time clock system in the world. Our features include the ability to control where, when and what device your employees can use to clock in. Managers have the ability to edit clock-ins and clock-outs, as well as the option to round to the nearest minute or more.

Managers can also opt to receive real-time notifications, via text or email, when unscheduled clock-ins or clock-outs are attempted.


Forget spreadsheets and create a full staff schedule in just 10 minutes.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Time Clock Wizard offers the best employee scheduling solution on the web! It's perfect for businesses of all sizes. Our easy-to-use interface gives managers the ability to create daily, weekly or monthly schedules for employees. Employees can request shift changes and even switch their shifts with co-workers, right through their dashboard! Additional features include the ability to use Paid Time off benefits, Request vacation time, view their current work schedule and so much more.

All-inclusive Reports

It’s like an entire payroll department, right in your pocket.

Payroll Reports

PAYROLL REPORTS verify payments, including OT, bonuses, and reimbursements

Timesheet Reports

TIMESHEET REPORTS examine general clock-in and clock-out times, plus GPS locations and employee notes

OTP Reports

PTO REPORTS review used and remaining paid time off for all employees

Schedule Reports

SCHEDULE REPORTS outline who works when, today and in the future

Employee Contact Reports

EMPLOYEE CONTACT REPORTS view and updated phone numbers, addresses, etc. for your workforce.


Export DOWNLOAD All reports may be exported as Excel, CSV, Word, HTML, and PDF files.

Task Management

Organize everything you need to complete your project in one spot.

Whether your employees work remotely, in-house, independently, or part of a team, our built-in Task Management System will ensure that they stay on track and accomplish their goals. Managers can assign tasks to individuals or entire groups and can create due-dates. Employees can notate the tasks, upload files, and communicate with others assigned to the same task. Managers can view the status and progress of the task, including the amount of employee time spent on the task.


Tools you'll love and use everyday.

Photo Capture

DEMAND HONESTY IN YOUR TIMEKEEPING Remote time management can tempt employees to manipulate the system, leaving you in the dark about your operation and costing you money.

Photo capture encourages honesty in the time reporting system by requiring employees to submit a photograph of themselves when they clock in or out. Know exactly who is clocking in and out, preventing “buddy punches” and other sneaky tactics.


KNOW WHO’S WORKING EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY Stay on top of all employees on all shifts in real time.

Clock Guard protects your payroll budget by alerting managers whenever employees begin or finish their shifts. Every clock-in and clock-out is automatically sent to a designated phone number by SMS/text message. The notes marking when employees clock in late or clock out early are particularly useful for time tracking and for supporting disciplinary action.

Clock points

ALWAYS KNOW WHERE ON-THE-CLOCK EMPLOYEES ARE LOCATED Monitoring employees can be difficult when companies use off-site employees or managers. Clockpoints can serve as a manager’s eyes and ears even if an employee is hundreds of miles away.

This feature is a powerful management tool because it combines a smart phone’s GPS and IP recognition capabilities to report an employee’s location when he clocks in or out. Restrict your employees’ location permissions to ensure that no one clocks in or out unless they are right where they are supposed to be.


EASILY MANAGE TIME AT MULTIPLE VENUES Not all businesses operate out of a single location. Our locations feature allows managers to establish several locations (such as Warehouse, Call Center, or multiple storefronts) and more easily track the time assigned to each venue’s operation.

Employees simply select their working location at the clock-in screen to bill their hours to the appropriate location.


LOOK SMART AND PROFESSIONAL When it comes to your business, appearances do matter.

Proper branding across all mediums can have a strong impact on employee relationships as well as customer relationships. With Time Clock Wizard, you can easily customize your account’s login screen to display your logo. Including your logo creates consistency, boosts your company’s credibility and serves as a useful reminder for your employees that it’s time to get to work.

100% Web Based and Mobile Friendly

NO SOFTWARE INSTALL This means you can sit down at any computer, running any operating system, and have full access to your Time Clock Wizard account. Try and do that with a traditional time clock!

Convenient Mobile Apps

Track employee time wherever you go

Our mobile apps empower managers with all the capabilities of Time Clock Wizard when they’re away from their computer. Upload expense receipts, sync to your web-based account, and send mobile push notification to one or more employees right from your smart phone.

Available on Google Play and in the iTunes store.


Enterprise class security & IT controls provide peace of mind

Airtight User Verification Anywhere in The World

Enforce your company’s permissions policies and avoid headaches by preventing intentional or accidental access to confidential controls and reports.

User verification features include user-specific passwords, two factor authentication, photo capture, and employee directory integration.

User-based Access Parameters

Provide low level users access to only the tools and information that they need while allowing management and other authorized personnel broader access.

User-based access features include dedicated venue settings, multiple user groups, and task assignments.

Offsite Data Protection

Rest assured that all passwords, personally identifiable information, work schedules, GPS data, and employee reports are safe and confidential.

Offsite data protection features include SOC1 accounting standards, SSAE 16 Type II auditing standards, and US/EU compliant “Safe Harbor” measures.

Active Data Security

Protect your employees and your company from malicious intentions with four key safety elements: Data Encryption, Secure Data Depositories, Mobile Safeguards, and Backups.

Data encryption features include encryption of all app- and mobile-based communications and stored data files.

Secure data depository features include restricted access to sensitive data and access controls.

Mobile safeguard features include SSO, non-mobile storage of sensitive data, and constant connection security.

Backup features include storage of frequently replicated files, offsite data storage, and automatic document versioning.

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