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AI Face Recognition Attendance System

AI Face Attendance is a biometric Access Control and Attendance system
with the latest facial recognition engine (Dynamic Face Recognition).

Artificial Intelligence

Double Engines CPU&NPU, Much Faster, Less False Reading Biometric face recognition | Face Recognition Attendance | ai face recognition time management

What is NPU?

NPU stands for Neural Processing Unit. It is a type of microprocessor that is specifically designed for artificial neural network (ANN) operations, such as deep learning and machine learning tasks. They can process large amounts of data in parallel, which enables faster processing compared to traditional CPUs. Face Scanner Attendance System | Face Scanning Attendance System | Face recognition Attendance System
NPUs can perform inference operations quickly, which reduces the latency in real-time applications such as autonomous image recognition systems. This low latency ensures that these systems can make decisions quickly real-time. Face recognition system | Face recognition search | Face recognition attendance system

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Face Recognition Attendance System

AI Face Recognition Access Control Time Attendance

Encompasses all essential features and tools for managing and tracking your financial records.
What Is Face Detection and How Does It Work? | Face Recognition - Street Level Surveillance | Face Recognition: Biometric Authentication

Multi-Mode Access Identification

Support Lock Screen

After locking screen, user have to touch the screen to active the machine, then do face recognition. If not touch the screen, even if the user stand in front of machine it not recognize face. Understanding face recognition | Face Recognition Terminals - Access Control | Face Detection | Artificial Intelligence Based Real-Time Attendance System

Multi Location Attendance and Access Control Solutions