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Lazada Integration For WooCommerce

Lazada eCommerce Integration facilitates you to connect with the Multiple accounts of Lazada. It also enables you to auto-synchronize the inventory, price, and order. Now you can easily manage your multiple accounts with a single eCommerce Store

How does it work?

Multichannel selling is associated with many challenges that should be tackled at the very beginning. One of the problems is the data synchronization between different channels. And here is where a multichannel listing platform comes to the rescue.

In this article, we provide you with a simple solution for Lazada marketplace integration. Whether you already sell on Lazada or want to start selling there, it is not difficult to connect Lazada with your online store and other marketplaces.

The article reviews the following aspects:

Key features :

Why Lazada eCommerce Integration by Budget Webdesign?

Benefits of using our Amazon e-commerce system

The POS integration is crucial since it gathers all of your information regarding sales, inventory, and clients. It includes all the complex features required for sales, and business administration, including employee/ customer management and order/ inventory management.

Lazada Integration For Shopify

Our team of eCommerce specialists will assist you in the migration of your online store from any platform (Magento, WooCommerce, etc.) to Shopify of vice versa. Not just this, if you are confused on the choice of the platform, we can assist you with web development consultancy services based on our years of experience in this domain.

Lazada Integration For Inventory

You can now rapidly increase visibility over multiple marketplaces, as you don’t have to worry about managing inventory of your Lazada store using Orderhive. Sync multiple Lazada shops to centralize back-end tasks.

Lazada Integration For ERP

Marketplace trading and multi-channel reselling is becoming ever more important, giving your business access to a large global market meaning more sales more customers and more work for your sales and shipping departments. Whether you’re a new business or an established business looking to expand, the connector for Lazada for IMan will help you streamline your sales order and shipment workflow.