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GrabMart Integration For WooCommerce

Make your shop business more efficient by seamlessly integrating your POS system with GrabMart. GrabMart’s self-serve developer console simplifies the integration process, something that your tech team can easily do.

How does it work?

When you become a GrabFood or GrabMart merchant-partner, you will receive an integrated merchant (IM) device, which is a very useful mobile point-of-sale (POS) and store management tool. This device allows you to access the Grab platform and to print out any orders you receive through it.

Protect your platform with Grab’s fraud prevention technology

Leverage Grab’s proprietary anti-fraud tools powered by the deep data insight to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions on your platform.

Our best-in-class tools and services, now at your fingertips

Let’s build together. Learn more about user identity authentication, payments, transport, logistics, mapping, messaging, and insights.

One-click authentication, verified against Grab’s extensive database

Provide a secure and easy way for users to log into your app or website using their Grab account. Developers can use Grab Identity as a secure authentication system and as a gateway to additional Grab services like GrabPay and GrabRewards.

GrabMart Integration For Point of Sale

GrabMart Integration For Shopify

Level up transactions at your online and retail stores with greater checkout convenience, security, rewards and flexibility.

The IM devices—which currently originate from the Sunmi technology company—permit access to the GrabMerchant app, a powerful web platform designed to help Grab merchant-partners manage their stores and grow their business. The app can be used by GrabFood and GrabMart merchants to quickly and accurately facilitate orders to their store or food business.

GrabMart Integration For Inventory

While you can use the scanning function on a smartphone, we also developed a handheld device with a barcode scanner that is linked to the app. This device can detect barcodes much more quickly than a smartphone, and is available for all our merchant-partners on GrabMart.

GrabMart Integration For ERP

In Retail ‘one size does not fit all’. Business processes are unique to vertical, culture and even region. Going digital is the only way, What does digital mean to you?