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Guard Tour Mobile App

Guard Tour Mobile App Singapore

Guard Tour Mobile App is a software solution designed to streamline and enhance the security patrol process by leveraging mobile technology. These apps provide real-time tracking, reporting, and management of security guards on duty, ensuring accountability and efficiency.

Here are a few key features and benefits of such apps available in Singapore:

Key Features

1. Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking:
  • Guards use smartphones to scan NFC tags or QR codes placed at checkpoints.
  • GPS tracking allows supervisors to monitor guard locations in real-time.
  • Real-time data collection and transmission to a central system​.
2. Incident Reporting:
    Guards can report incidents instantly via the app using multimedia (photos, videos, voice notes).
  • Automated alerts and notifications to supervisors for immediate action.
  • Detailed logs and reports stored in the cloud for easy access and analysis​.
3. Scheduling and Route Management:
  • Pre-defined patrol routes and schedules can be assigned to guards.
  • Flexibility to modify routes and schedules as needed.
  • Ensures guards cover all necessary areas and checkpoints efficiently​.
4. Accountability and Compliance:
  • Eliminates the possibility of proxy patrolling with biometric scans and photo verifications.
  • Comprehensive reporting for compliance with security protocols.
  • Data analytics and reporting tools to evaluate guard performance and patrol efficiency​.


1. Enhanced Security:
  • Continuous and real-time monitoring of security patrols.
  • Immediate incident reporting and response.
  • Increased visibility and control over security operations.
2. Improved Efficiency:
  • Automated scheduling and reporting reduce administrative burden.
  • Real-time data collection allows for proactive management.
  • Streamlined communication between guards and supervisors.
3. Cost-Effective:
  • Reduces the need for manual reporting and physical paperwork.
  • Optimizes guard deployment and resource allocation.
  • Provides a scalable solution for managing multiple locations and guards.

Popular Guard Tour Mobile Apps in Singapore

Exiga Software Virtual Guard Tour:
  • AI-powered system integrating with CCTV for continuous monitoring and virtual patrols.
  • Utilizes advanced analytics and machine learning for threat detection and incident management​ (Exiga Web Dev)​​.
These apps represent a significant advancement in security management, leveraging mobile technology to provide comprehensive solutions for guard tour and patrol management.

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